The Word Is Spreading In The Worker's Compensation System

september 24, 2020 – Michael Marsh

Those who know me or have heard one of my presentations know that I have for several decades promoted the idea of Humanizing The Workers' Compensation system. It was a pleasant surprise today to see the concept spreading further in the wc claims industry.

Through the handling and supervision of workers' compensation claims going back to the early 1980's, it has been my observation that most individuals that enter into the workers' compensation system do so without intending felonious conduct. Most are simply human beings that have sustained an injury or disease in the workplace. They are in pain, fearful for their job, their finances and their family, and confused by a system that from the outside is complex and riddled with bureaucracy.  

People that are distraught, fearful and tentative do not heal as completely or as rapidly as those who are confident and engaged. Those of us in the industry for some time have seen this play out over and over. Colleagues in the healthcare field have shared similar stories with me about patients of every nature. Those treating simple issues like a broken arm through the much more significant issues like cancer seem to do better with support and confidence.

Most of us have an inner child. That child loves to be celebrated and involved. So many of us can recall the joy that came to us when we received a birthday card from a friend or out of state relative, or that special call from a grandparent. The concept of Humanizing The Workers' Compensation System embraces the need we all have to one degree or another: to be valued by others.

Today's pleasant surprise was from Michael Stack of AMAXX. Mr. Stack's videos and insights are worth taking time to absorb. His presentations are a nice mix of wc industry jargon at the intersection of common sense.

Take a listen to his presentation and read about Michael's thoughts about using your own personal experience of your birthday. Recalling how good and connected you felt when someone called you, sent you a card or directed a text message to you on your birthday, Mr. Stack suggests that those responsible for workers' compensation claims handling remember those positive feelings and reach out to your recovering workers. Doesn't take long to call a worker recovering from surgery, just to let them know you are thinking of them and wishing them a positive recovery. It is time well spent. 

Please take a moment to watch Mr. Stack's video @ AMAXX.

Takeaway: We all feel good when people reach out to us on a special day. We as claims adjusters / examiners can bring this same good feeling to recovering workers by simply making a telephone call, sending an e-mail or dropping a post card in the mail. Positive, engaged people recover faster and more completely. One small action can have dramatic, positive impact upon the worker's life. Every day:

                 Humanize The Workers' Compensation System.

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