Legal Malpractice Claims On The Rise


For years, claims organizations have been struggling to find a balance between adjuster/examiner management of litigated claims and the scope and depth of the assignments to defense counsel. Some of my mentors were actually offended when a defense attorney would perform tasks that, in their opinion, were the responsibility of their adjuster/examiner. They considered the adjuster/examiner in those situations to be at fault. These 'old schoolers' were critical because the felt that their adjuster/examiner had abandoned their responsibilities to counsel.

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About Michael J. Marsh

Mr. Marsh is the President of Midland Claims Service, Inc., Underwriting Solutions, Inc. and Recreational Action Sports Entertainment ("RASE LLC"), Montana-based companies. He has a diverse insurance and technology skill set. He is a Montana licensed Adjuster, WC Examiner and Agent/Producer as well as a Certified Insurance Umpire and well-known litigation claims process expert.

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